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Welcome to your online store for services cleaning www.ccdeepcleaner.com

ccdeepcleaner and its group companies ("ccdeepcleaner") offer you website functions and other products and services when you visit or purchase on ccdeepcleaner.com (the "website"), use ccdeepcleaner products or services, use the applications of ccdeepcleaner for mobile devices or uses software made available by ccdeepcleaner in connection with the foregoing (the "ccdeepcleaner Services" and individually, each of them, the "ccdeepcleaner Service"). ccdeepcleaner provides ccdeepcleaner Services under the conditions established on this page. ccdeepcleaners is the commercial name of ccdeepcleaner.

Terms of use

Please read these conditions carefully before using the ccdeepcleaner Services. By using the Services of ccdeepcleaner, you agree to be bound by these conditions. We offer a wide range of Cleaning Services and products and sometimes additional conditions may apply. In addition, each time you use any ccdeepcleaner Service, you will also be subject to the general terms and conditions and the particular conditions applicable to such ccdeepcleaner Services (the "General Terms and Conditions of Services"). The General Conditions of the Services will prevail over these Conditions of Use in case of discrepancy between both.

Procedure and notice form of violation of rights

1. Privacy

We ask you to review our Privacy Notice, and our page on Cookies and Internet Advertising, which also govern your use of the Services of ccdeepcleaner, so you know our practices.

2. Electronic communications

Each time you use a ccdeepcleaner Service or send us an email, a text message (SMS) or any other communication from your computer or mobile device, you will be communicating electronically with us. We will contact you electronically by various means, such as by email, text messages (SMS), notifications within applications, or by posting messages or email communications on the website or through any other Service. ccdeepcleaner, such as our courier service or phone. For the purposes of this contract, you consent to receive communications from us by electronic means, and you agree that all contracts, notices and other notifications and communications that we send you by electronic means satisfy any requirement in writing, except that any applicable legislation of a character imperative required a different form of communication.

3. Copyright, intellectual property rights and rights over databases.

All content hosted or made available in any of the ccdeepcleaner Services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data collections are the property of ccdeepcleaner or its suppliers. content and is protected by the laws of USA as well as by international legislation on intellectual property rights, copyrights and rights over databases. The set of all content hosted or made available through any ccdeepcleaner Service is the exclusive property of ccdeepcleaner, and is protected by the laws of the USA and international laws on intellectual property rights and database rights.

The systematic extraction or reuse of any part of the contents of any of the ccdeepcleaner Services without our express written consent is not permitted. In particular, the use of tools or robots to search and extract data for the extraction (either on one or several occasions) of substantial parts of the ccdeepcleaner Services for reuse without our express written consent is not allowed. Nor is the user permitted to create or publish their own databases when they contain substantial portions of any of the ccdeepcleaner Services (eg, our product lists and price lists) without our express written consent.

4. License and access

Subject to compliance by you with these Terms of Use and the General Conditions of the applicable Services as well as the payment of the applicable price, where applicable, ccdeepcleaner or its content providers grant you a limited non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license , of access and use, to the Services of ccdeepcleaner for personal, non-commercial purposes. This license does not include any right of resale or commercial use of the Services of ccdeepcleaner or its contents, nor any right to compile or use any list of products, descriptions or prices. Neither does it include the right to make any use derived from the Services of ccdeepcleaner or its contents, or to download or copy any account information for the benefit of another company, or the use of tools or robots to search and extract data or similar .

ccdeepcleaner and its licensors, suppliers, publishers, rights holders or other content providers reserve any right that is not expressly included in these Terms of Use or in the General Conditions of the Services. The reproduction, duplication, copying, sale, resale or exploitation of any type of ccdeepcleaner services or any part thereof for commercial purposes, in each case without our prior written consent.

Nor is it permitted to use framing techniques to introduce any trademark, logo or other information protected by copyright (including images, text, page designs or formats) of ccdeepcleaner without the corresponding prior written consent. The use of meta tags or any other "hidden text" that uses the names or trademarks of ccdeepcleaner without our prior written consent is not allowed.

We kindly ask you to make proper use of the ccdeepcleaner services. You are only allowed to use the ccdeepcleaner Services in a lawful manner. Any breach by you of these Conditions of Use or the General Conditions of the Services will suppose the cancellation of the permission or the license granted by ccdeepcleaner.

5. Opinions, comments, communications and other contents

Users may publish their opinions and comments as well as publish other content, send communications, suggestions, ideas, comments, questions or other information, provided that the content thereof is not illegal, obscene, abusive, constitutes an assumption of threat or defamation , or invades the privacy of third parties, infringes intellectual property rights or in any other way is offensive to third parties or reprehensible, or consists of or contains computer viruses, political advertising or advertising content, chain mail, mass mailings or constitutes any another type of "spam". It is not allowed to use false email addresses, or to impersonate the identity of another person or entity, or to falsify in any other way the origin of any other content. We reserve the right (without, however, and in the absence of an Avisoválido Form, being obliged to do so) to eliminate or modify any content. If you consider that any content of the ccdeepcleaner Services or any material whose sale was advertised in them includes any defamatory assertion, or if you understand that your intellectual property rights are being infringed by any element or information available in the ccdeepcleaner Services, you please let us know this circumstance through the fulfillment and presentation of the corresponding Notice Form, to which we will respond.

By publishing any content or submitting any material for publication, and unless otherwise indicated, you grant: (a) in favor of ccdeepcleaner the non-exclusive right, free and subject to full transfer and transfer to a third party, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create and exploit any derivative works and distribute and display their content throughout the world and through any means; and (b) in favor of ccdeepcleaner, its sub-licensees and those who derive your title de ccdeepcleaner, the right to use the name provided by you in relation to such content, if so decided. This provision does not imply the assignment of any moral right.

You accept the irrevocable nature of the rights thus conferred during the entire term of protection granted to your intellectual property rights over the content and material identified above. Likewise, it undertakes to carry out any additional actions that may be necessary for the purpose of formalizing the assignment of the rights it confers in favor of ccdeepcleaner, including the subscription of any instruments and documentation, to our request.

You declare and guarantee to be the owner of any other way to control the totality of the rights over the content that you may publish, stating and guaranteeing that at the date of the submission of said content: (i) said content and material is accurate; and that (ii) the use of said content or material will not imply any breach of the applicable policies or guidelines of ccdeepcleaner, nor will it cause any harm to any person or entity (also guaranteeing that the content or material in question is not defamatory) . You agree to release ccdeepcleaner from any claims filed by third parties against ccdeepcleaner arising from or in relation to such content and materials, except to the extent that such liability arises from the failure to adequately suppress our content or material after our part. have been notified (through the corresponding Notice Form) of the unlawful nature of said content or material.

By referring a friend our company will grant a discount to you as an existing customer, the referral should not be an existing client of our database, you will have to be a new client, you as an existing customer will be receiving discounts and special offers from the company. , the discount or offer will be applied to you after the person who made the referral carries out one of the services we offer. The discount may be from 9% to 20%, and in some cases may be higher, this is handled at the discretion of our administrative part. the US$19.99 discount apply inmediatly you buy one of our services.

6. The role of ccdeepcleaner

ccdeepcleaner allows external vendors to offer and sell their products on ccdeepcleaner.com. The details page of these products will contain the corresponding information in case these were offered by external vendors. Although Robertguerrerord facilitates transactions through the ccdeepcleaner Marketplace, ccdeepcleaner is neither the buyer nor the seller of products offered by third-party vendors. ccdeepcleaner simply facilitates a space where buyers and sellers can negotiate and carry out their transactions. Therefore, the corresponding contract that is generated once the purchase of any product sold by an external vendor has been made, concerns solely and exclusively the buyer and the seller of said product. ccdeepcleaner is not part of that contract, assumes no liability related to it, nor acts as the seller's representative. The seller is responsible for the sale of its products as well as offering assistance regarding the buyer's claims, or with respect to any matter related to said contract between the buyer and seller. However, and because ccdeepcleaner wants to guarantee the buyer a safe space to make their purchases, ccdeepcleaner offers the Guarantee from A to Z of ccdeepcleaner, in addition to any right that the consumer may have by legal or contractual provision.

7. Our responsibility

We will make our best efforts to ensure the availability, without interruptions, of the services of ccdeepcleaner, as well as the absence of errors in any transmission of information that may take place. However, due to the very nature of the Internet, it is not possible to guarantee such ends. Also, your access to ccdeepcleaner Services may occasionally be suspended or restricted for the purpose of performing repair or maintenance work, or the introduction of new products or services. We will try to limit the frequency and duration of such suspensions or restrictions.

ccdeepcleaner will not be liable for (i) any losses that were not attributable to any breach on its part, (ii) business losses (including loss of profits, income, contracts, anticipated savings, data, loss of goodwill or unnecessary expenses incurred), or (iii) any indirect or consequential losses that were not reasonably foreseeable by both parties at the time the user had begun to use the services of ccdeepcleaner. Nor shall we be liable for any delay or failure to comply with our obligations arising from these conditions if such delay or failure to comply is attributable to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This provision does not affect the right of the customer to receive the product or the provision of the corresponding service within a reasonable time, or receive timely reimbursement in the event that we can not provide such products or services within a reasonable time for any cause beyond our control. reasonable control.

The legislation of some countries may not allow some or all of the liability limits provided above. In the event that such legislation is applicable to you, some or all of said limits may not apply to you. In addition, such legislation may confer additional rights to those provided herein.

Nothing in these conditions limits or excludes our liability in case of falsehood, or in cases of death or personal injury attributable to our negligence or fraud.

8. Applicable law

These conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the USA, which means that you can claim your rights as a consumer in relation to these Conditions of Use, of residence in the USA.

9. Modification of the Service or Variation of Conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to the Services of ccdeepcleaner, in our policies and in our terms and conditions, including these Terms of Use and the General Conditions of the Services, at any time. You will be subject to the terms and conditions, policies, Terms of Use and General Conditions of the Services in force on the date you use the Services of ccdeepcleaner. If any of these Terms of Use or the General Conditions of the Services were declared invalid, void or for any ineffective reason, said condition shall be deemed to be excluded without such declaration affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining conditions.

10. Disclaimer

In case of breach by you of these Terms of Use, and even if we could choose not to exercise any rights available to us at that time, we may use such rights and actions at any other time when you may fail again the present Conditions of Use.